Art class

Luna Greenwich 1 year ago updated by World of Potter 2 months ago 5

What would young witches and wizards learn in an Art class ? Do you have an idea for classes ?

Well if there is a music class, there should be an art class too. In Harry Potter there is one actually, It's just never detailled mentioned. Students in Art class could learn about history f art, the evolution of art, differents styles of painting, famous artists, drawing styles... Be creative! You can do a lot in Art class. Maby it is immpossible, but it would be very nice if the students could upload images/pictures of their drawings/paintings they made for this class. There is a button that says you can upload pictures, but it doesn't really work, the picture just dissapear when you hand your homework in.

Oooh saw it ! Well, I like this idea, but not much is known about magical art, and this theme is already taught in most Muggle studies curriculum. Also, only VIPs can upload pictures for their homework ;)

I like the idea of there being an art class. Though this idea lacks some explanation :-) 

One could still submit art by posting links to images, though it is less than ideal.

perhaps it could be a short (2/3year) course for the older Students, whom seek to deepen their knowledge about the finer arts.

I like the idea, the problem is probably however, how it would be executed as a course